• Shaun White Supply Co

    Shaun White Supply Co Custom HTML code / MODx

  • Cal Coast University

    California Coast University Responsive HTML / Twitter Bootstrap / MODx

  • Sage Capital Bank

    Sage Capital Bank Custom Design / MODx / Mobile

  • Flameboy vs Wetwilly

    Flameboy vs Wet Willy Responsive HTML / Twitter Bootstrap / MODx

Welcome to My619.com! We're here to help your business be a success online by providing high end web development at competitive prices.

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Responsive Web Design

Ready for the new era of websites that have to work on desktops, tablets and mobile devices?


Got a product you need to sell? Need the ability to easily maintain your products online?

MODx Content Management System

Want the ability to maintain your own website and not worry about paying fees for site updates?


Want a website that is unique? Tired of websites that don't stand out? Well so are we!

Recent Articles


5 Things to Ask When Hiring a MODX Developer

Having build hundreds of sites using MODX over the years, we've learned a few things. Nothing is more frustrating for a client when they hire a MODX developer who ignores some important rules.

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Learn MODX in 10 Days - Day 1: Basic Setup and Package Installation

Today we'll start with the basics of learning MODX. ¬†Each day will include a new chapter in learning the foundations of MODX for you to grow upon. ¬†Hopefully by the time you go through these tutorials,…

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